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Pastor Josh Carlisle was born on November 13, 1983 and his wife Ashley was born on June 26, 1985. They moved to West Virginia from Mississippi, to accept the call to pastor Fellowship Baptist Church, in June of 2016. Bro. Josh was on staff at Bethel Baptist Church in Walls, MS under Pastor Ron Westmoreland for nearly ten years. The Carlisle's are both graduates of Tri- State Baptist College and Bethel Baptist School. They were high school sweethearts and were married on October 28, 2006. Bro. Josh surrendered to preach as a 14 year old boy on March 27,1998. Mrs. Ashley has a rich Christian heritage. Her father is still the song leader at Bethel Baptist Church and all three of her sisters are married to preachers as well. The Carlisles have four boys. Hunter is 13. Tanner is 11. Chandler is 7. Carter is 5. These four keep them on the move.


Bro. Josh enjoys the outdoors any chance he gets. Bow hunting is probably his passion but closely followed by duck hunting. He has enjoyed getting his boys involved in the outdoors at a young age. There have been many times when the two oldest were sitting in a deer stand with their sippie cups on the shooting rail of a box stand. What a blessing it has been to spend time with them! However there is not a hobby or passion that compares to the love Bro. Josh has for preaching. He would rather preach than to do anything. May the Lord find us faithful in our service to him.


Mrs. Ashley has her hands full with four little ones in the house. When she is not changing a diaper, chasing kids, or cleaning up a mess, she enjoys shopping like any other lady. Mrs. Ashley has a very sweet and humble spirit. She is an excellent help meet to her husband and first lady of our church. She enjoys hosting monthly ladies meetings for all of the ladies of the church.


The boys enjoy playing with cars and trains or anything else they can make or build. They love to ride on the bike trails and enjoy doing anything outside. Hunter should have been named Fisher since he enjoys fishing far more than hunting. Tanner sticks with dad more times than not and only time will tell with Chandler and Carter.


We certainly hope that you can come and visit our church so that we can get to know you better. We hope to hear from you soon.

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